EMC UIM/P is unable to synchronize adopted VPLEX service

EMC UIM/P displays the following error message:

ID returned is Invalid request – Invalid Disk.key and Disk.uuid and Disk.lun – Must specify one

In /opt/ionix-uim/slm/log/slm.log you can see error similar to:

2014-12-11 10:42:27,464 I TP-Processor22 VcenterImportUtilityService Built import request <ImportRequest name="Management-Cluster" url="" username="SSO_U_UIMP_MGMT_VC_ADMIN" password="oYilo2_Iqv9AUcCkmqF7LF8kRVBfzaLPPJW8AM1MOZfj5FHTcg" path="Management-DC/Management-Cluster"> <Cluster drsEnabled="true" drsAutomationLevel="fullyAutomated" drsMigrationThreshold="1" dpmEnabled="true" dpmEnablement="automated" dpmThreshold="1" haEnabled="true" enableHostMonitoring="true" enableAdmissionControl="false" […]

HOW TO: Decommission or Detach Shared Storage Service in EMC UIM/P

EMC UIM/P Shared Storage Service is the new type of service that allows you to create and share storage between multiple Standard Services. For more in-depth information on the Shared Storage Service please refer to “EMC UIM/P (Nimbus) review” and “UIM/P 4.0 Release” posts.

ATTENTION! The initial release of UIM/P 4.0 had a serious bug! […]

EMC UIM/P 4.1 new features: Add multiple vNICs, list Pending Network Changes

I have been playing with EMC UIM/P 4.1 recently and discovered a couple new features that were not available in the previous versions.

If you need to add new vNICs to an existing Service, you can now add them as a pair! Selected VLANs, MTU, Native VLAN, QoS and other Policies will be configured identically […]

EMC UIM/O and UIM/P: Security Update for Multiple Vulnerabilities in Bash

EMC KB 193094 : ESA-2014-113: EMC Unified Infrastructure Manager Operations and Unified Infrastructure Manager Provisioning Security Update for Multiple Vulnerabilities in Bash

Affected Products EMC Software: EMC Unified Infrastructure Manager/Operations (UIMO) All versions EMC Software: EMC Unified Infrastructure Manager/Provisioning (UIMP) All versions

Resolution Remediate bash by following the steps below. These steps work the […]

EMC UIM/P 4.1.x – unable to launch Configuration Center

If you are using EMC UIM/P 4.1, 4.1 Patch 1 or Patch 2 and your UIM/P is not connected to the Internet you may have an issue with starting Configuration Center.

It starts to load the client but then crash with the following error: “An unexpected problem has occurred. Please contact EMC Customer Support”


Add/Remove ISO images in EMC UIM/P 4.1

One of the new feature introduced in EMC UIM/P 4.1 is support for Linux installation.

The procedure described in HOW TO: Add new VMware vSphere ISO image to UIM/P article needs to be updated with the following: has been replaced with

uim001:/opt/ionix-uim/tools # ./ Usage: <path to iso image> [-force] optional, -force […]

EMC UIM/P 4.1 – what’s new?

EMC released new version of UIM/P – 4.1 on March 25th 2014 and it’s in VCE RCM’s now.

It contains whole bunch of new cool features:

Support for Asset-Based discovery – UIM/P supports these Converged Hardware System types:

Vblock 7xx Vblock 3xx Vblock 2xx VSPEX Custom

A Converged Hardware System is no longer strictly dependent […]

EMC UIM/P 4.1: Unable to provision VPLEX service

Since version 4.0 EMC UIM/P is able to provision and manage VPLEX Services.

EMC VPLEX is a great product for DR solutions, for more information check out

In my case provisioning VPLEX service was failing with error:

VplexServiceProvisioningService Failed to do frontend masking…

VPLEX was configured as metro cluster so there were 2 Standard […]

EMC UIM/P upgrade from version 4.0 to 4.1 may fail.

Please follow ‘HOW TO: Upgrade EMC UIM/P‘ blog post for instructions how to upgrade UIM/P.

When performing UIM/P upgrade from version 4.0 to 4.1 it may fail with the following error message:

Last Install: Failed to install updates (Error while running pre-install scripts)

If you check /opt/ionix-uim/logs/appliance-update.log you will see the following:

Version – […]

EMC UIM/P cannot start vCenter synchronization

Environment: EMC UIM 4.0 upgraded to UIM 4.1

You may get the following error messages when trying to start vCenter synchronization:

* Error initiating synchronization. viu.error: key not found

This happens because UIM/P 4.1 doesn’t like special characters like ‘ & ‘ and ‘ ! ‘ etc. in neither Service Offering name nor in Service […]